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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Of men and daffodils

Today is the second time I have had to check the date of the newspaper I was reading to ensure that it was not 1 April. Yesterday it was the Swanseas University Student Union's 'Waterfront' magazine, which described a proposal for a 'leek island' to be constructed in Swansea Bay. Now it is the Western Mail with the same suggestion, characterised as a 'man-made Daffodil Island'.

My colleagues on Swansea Council are too kind about this latest brain-child of the Vice-Chancellor of Swansea University. The Council Leader describes it as a 'visionary idea' whilst a local Councillor points out that we are not Dubai and do not have money to burn. Too right!

With lecturers on strike over their pay, with Swansea University considering a multi-million pound shortfall in capital maintenance and with the entire Higher Education sector in Wales struggling with years of under-investment, the last thing we need from our Vice-Chancellor is crackpot schemes such as this. Perhaps he should get his head out of the clouds and address these issues instead of chasing headlines in this way.
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