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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A new dawn

The sun rises over the Senedd. OK this photo was not taken today when the Queen is due to officially open it as there is no snow in it but you get the idea.

I was at a St. David's Day dinner in the Millennium Stadium last night hosted by the First Minister. It was packed with foreign dignitaries. Rhodri Morgan started off the ceremonies with a fairly witty speech, including a tribute to the new building.

Rhodri singled out Lord Richard Rogers for particular praise and said that the Senedd could not have had a better architect. He then went on to refer to the Prince of Wales' notorious dislike of modern architecture and suggested that Charles might not appreciate the fact that the building had been built by Richard Rogers. He might have been happier, he said, if it had been designed by Roy Rogers, or even Trigger.
Personally, I feel the contribution made by Roy of the Rovers to modern British architecture is too often overlooked.
Did you manage to celebrate the use of reinforced concrete in the Senedd Building, Peter?

My Great-Grandfather William Bedford of Briton Ferry worked for Mouchell and partners, the French-owned and (then) Neath-based engineering firm that introduced reinforced concrete into the UK at the end of the 19th century. First UK building using the procedure was in Swansea I believe so you have a constituency connection...
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