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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Ming, an apology

Well, it seems that I owe the new Liberal Democrats leader an apology. On 26 February I wrote:

I now understand that the Welsh Party has been told by either the Leader's Office or Party HQ that whoever the new Leader is, he will not be able to travel to Wrexham on those dates. We therefore look to the victor to make his first leadership decision and to overrule the bureaucrats on this issue. After all they did promise!

I understand that Sir Menzies Campbell has said that he will be coming to Welsh Conference in Wrexham this weekend after all. That is confirmed in the Western Mail. Much as I would like to claim some credit for this change of heart and even though I know that Ming's acting head of office reads this blog, I really do not think that it was down to me. Still it is refreshing to know that we have a leader who is prepared to keep his promises.
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