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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Let the Games begin

I have not really got the time to watch reality TV, so it is unlikely that I will catch the Liberal Democrat Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury on 'The Games'. However, I will try and follow Julia Goldsworthy's performance from afar. This morning's Guardian questions whether she should be taking part at all. It seems that George Galloway's humilating performance on Big Brother has further undermined the credibility of these shows for 'serious politicians'.

However, as Julia Goldsworthy points out this is hardly the same thing. She has no delusions about using the show for wider political purposes nor will she be incommunicado from her constituents and Parliament as Galloway was. What she will be doing is raising money for Cornwall's Air Ambulance service whilst at the same time demonstrating how down-to-earth and normal she really is.

On that basis I say good luck to her. Will it be a two-horse race though? Bar charts at the ready, we need to know.
A straight choice!
It usually is!
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