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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Leader of the gang

Kirsty Williams had a high quality rant yesterday:

Kirsty Williams: If we could get women into senior positions during their working lives, issues around pensions would, perhaps, not be so critical. Some 75 per cent of Welsh women work in cleaning, catering or clerical services, and women are massively under-represented at senior levels-70 per cent of all NHS staff are women, but only 20 per cent of hospital consultants are female. There are no female police authority chairs, no female university vice-chancellors, and, dare I say it, no female party leaders. How will your campaign address this?

I am now taking odds on who will be the first female leader of a Welsh political party.
It's interesting this feminist turn, there is no mention of the fact that there is equal 30/30 representation in the Senedd,

Some times i dont get feminists - they always seem to want equality, yet that always seems to mean positive discrimination.

Swansea University held their Students Union Executive elections today and the manifesto of one of the candidates read as follows, "Even though we believe that we live in an equal society, discrimination can still be seen in many areas of life,(...) As womens officer, i would highlight such issues and confront them." all very admirable until you consider the fact that there is no Men's officer and therefore the position that she is running for is inherently sexist and discriminatory.

Equality means equality.
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