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Friday, March 24, 2006

Cut throat

Listening to Radio Wales this morning I heard an interview with the very charming and down to earth, Betty Morgan. Betty is 63 years old and has just won a silver medal for Wales in the Commonwealth Games in bowls. She hails from Llandrindod Wells and sounds wonderfully harmless. It was a bit of a shock therefore when she ended the interview by saying that she had to go for a doping test. I am sure that she tested negative but who knew that bowls had become so cut-throat?
I watched the last few ends of the men's bowls...
Having seen that I'm not surprised by the level of competition (although quite what you could take for an advantage in bowls I don't know)
(comiserations to the welshman who was very unlucky to lose as well)
Probably beta-blockers to steady the nerves. Used by some snooker players.

It's a legit blood-pressure treatment though, and given the age of some of the bowls players, it would be surprising if some of them weren't taking them.
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