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Thursday, March 23, 2006


No, this is not another Plenary report though we could have a discussion about which AM would play the soup dragon and the iron chicken if you wish.

The BBC have published a poll of the top 20 children's programmes and top of the pile is Rainbow. The Magic Roundabout is at number two whilst Mr. Benn shares third spot with Playschool.

All-in-all a remarkably conservative ranking. It is a great disappointment that Bagpuss, The Wombles and the Clangers are trailing in fifth and sixth places respectively. And why the low placing awarded to Roobarb and Custard and Captain Pugwash?

The most significant factor in this list is that the programmes are practically all from previous decades. That may reflect the nostalgic preferences of the 25-45 year age group who were surveyed, but surely these people have children and share their viewing with them. Clearly, they don't make kid's shows like they used to.
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