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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Christmas goodwill

The South Wales Evening Post reports that eight Assembly cabinet members, who each earn around £80,000 a year, spent taxpayers' money to send their festive greetings rather than dig into their own pockets. Gower AM Edwina Hart was the only one to pay for the cards out of her own pocket.

So when I got my Christmas cards off various Ministers last year I had in fact contributed to their cost through my taxes. Swell!
We'll surley a government minister is required/expected to send christmas cards to a whole host of people or organisations that they are involved with or have encountered through their duties, and as such i agree with this being payed out of departmental budgets.

However, i would consider it unexceptable if they sent christmas cards to their nearest and dearest using taxpayers money.
What Taffia don says.

I would hope they sent out a different card to their constituents. Most AMs seem to run competitions with local primary schools to design their christmas cards since the Assembly's own offerings are so naff.

Still this is a big wad of cash on printing alone. If postage is being couted too however it's not that excessive.

How much did you spend on christmas cards last December Peter?
Not sure now. I would have thought that with postage it would have come to over £300. I bought my cards off Shelter and had them overprinted.
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