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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Too close to call?

With only days to go to the close of voting today's Guardian reports that a significant number of Liberal Democrat members have yet to make a choice for any of the three leadership candidates.

Views do not appear to be as polarised as during the previous contest (except amongst bloggers of course) and nobody has a clue who is ahead. An indication is provided in another exit poll of members leaving the London hustings. This gave Chris Huhne (36%) the most first preferences closely followed by Ming Campbell (29%) and Simon Hughes (21%). However, even here there is a sizeable number of undecideds (14%).

It seems that the declaration at 3pm on Thursday will be must-see TV. Shame I will be chairing an Education Lifelong Learning and Skills Committee in the Assembly at the time.

Note: When the Guardian journalist says no central membership data is available she means that it is not available to her, pollsters or indeed, the three candidates.
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