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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Senedd - for the record

Leighton Andrews reproduces the minute of the House Committee from 23 June 2005 in which the decision to name the new building Senedd was taken.

His view is that the minute is unclear and confusing and that accordingly those members who were at the meeting were not clear that a decision was actually taken. I was clear and even referred to the new names in a comment on this blog sometime afterwards. However, just so the record is clear here is an extract from the report referred to in the minute:

Naming of Spaces within the Building

2. The Committee received details of names for defined spaces within the new building at its
meeting in June 2004 as follows:-

· Senedd (describing the building as a whole)
· Siambr (the chamber)
· Cwrt (the open area and canyons outside the Siambr and Committee Rooms)
· Neuadd (the hall at the front of the building overlooking the bay)
· Oriel (the gallery which includes the public café and overlooks the Neuadd, Cwrt and


For consistency, these names will be used in future papers to committee and in public information.

The minutes of the meeting of 24 June 2004 say the following:

The Presiding Officer had e-mailed Assembly Members with proposed names for rooms in the new Chamber building. Members were asked to consult with groups.

I do not have a copy of this e-mail nor do I recall it, though it was a long time ago. I was not present at the meeting of 24 June 2004, Mike German substituted for me. I have now e-mailed the PO's office to see if they can send me the e-mail referred to.
You know what I'm going to ask - why are all these names in Welsh?

Most people in Wales and most Welsh people don't speak Welsh. The language of Wales is English.
This english speaker's insecurity is laughable.

That a few areas of the Welsh Assembly cannot be given distinctive Welsh names without the overbearing majority kicking up a distasteful fuss is proof that the Welsh language battle is far from over.

In the last week, a 19 year old girl was sent to a prison in England for refusing to pay compensation arising from a peaceful non-violent protest in support of use of the language on Carmarthenshire local Radio.

At the same time, Leighton Andrews, the Middle Class member for the Rhondda, prostituted himself to the papers complaining that a Welsh building should have a Welsh name.

Who's the hero and the villain there?

Which one receives £44,000 for his work?

Mr Andrews and his staff should be ashamed of themselves.

David, you can live your life in the English language. I cannot do so in Welsh. Why begrudge this language a few names in an important building...

And please tell me, Mr Andrews, what's the english for Rhondda?
I think Ceri is confusing me with the other David.
Possibly. But the point stands.
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