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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Today is the day that we move into the new Chamber. I have just been over there with the Committee Secretariat to look at the layouts for Education Committee meetings from 2 March. I have to say that the huge amount of slate is as unremittingly grey and cold as I remember it from last time. I have suggested carpets and tapestries but have branded a philistine for my troubles. I think that I will therefore just shut up for the time being.

There is one interesting rumour doing the rounds however. Apparently, when the security forces went into the building to do their checks they discovered evidence of explosive everywhere. It was only after a little bit of thought that somebody twigged that explosives had been used to mine the slate and that what they were detecting were residual traces of that activity.
The new place looks lurverly on the telly. And one seventh the cost of the Scottish Parliament? Nice!
i agree with the previous comment (except for points that i'm going to post on my blog)

but i would like to point out that the scottish parliament was a compleatly new building offices chamber committee rooms meeting rooms etc...

whereas the welsh assembly is just a chamber and two committee rooms two offices and three / four meeting rooms.
...at a fraction of the price.
... a fraction of a building for a fraction of the price.

i know its cheep by comparison to Scottish Parliament but the building's arn't comparable.
It's hardly a "fraction" of a building. Have you even visited it?

All it doesn't have is new offices for AMs, which simply aren't required.

You are the only person I know who seems to think that the Welsh Assembly wasn't value for money compared to the Scottish Parliament.

To describe it as a "fraction of a building" is ludicrous.
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