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Friday, February 24, 2006

Party without a name

Plaid Cymru are set to re-launch themselves today by abandoning their "Triban" emblem and colour and adopting the singular name of 'Plaid'. Cymru is of course Welsh for 'Wales'. That has not prevented the party ditching this part of their name.

Is this the first instance of a nationalist party seeking to disassociate themselves from the Country in which they take so much pride in their promotional material?

The Nationalists are now to be known simply as 'Plaid' or 'Party' in English. Presumably, they are hoping that we will identify ourselves with the blandness of this label or at best, confuse them with all the other political parties and cast our vote accordingly.
Hum. For those of a certain generation 'The Party' (there being of course no other) was the Communist Party. And those of us not communists had a negative view of that idea... still do as a matter of fact. Also recalls too vividly the political conformism of Labour Wales in the South. This really is rather abad idea from Plaid Mumble's point of view.
My thoughts exactly - another utterly bizarre idea by Plaid.
My instinctive reaction is not to see blandness but arrogance. It suggests a mindset like Labour's, that it's somehow illegitimate that anyone should vote differently. 'The Party of Wales' went a long way down that road; now it appears that there is no other 'Party'. I don't see who it's likely to appeal to, though...
Ein Plaid, ein volk, ein fuhrer !!!
Will it be bilingual?

Of course everyone outside of the Cardiff political goldfish bowl will simply continue referring to them as the Welsh Nats for ease of understanding.
Given that voters always refer to us as "Plaid" or "Blaid" I think they will manage.

The party remains the same its just a stylistic change a bit like refering to Lib Dems instead of Liberal Democrats.

The change from Social and Liberal Democrats didn't seem to do you any harm...........nor did changing colour from orange to Gold.....

Still its good to see you taking up two stories on your weblog to talk about us....
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