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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The 'Mrs Windsor' demo

When the Queen officially opened the second Assembly back in May 2003, arch-republican Leanne Wood stayed at home and worked. I can even recall the photo-call as journalists interviewed her on what looked like her patio. Next week however, when the Queen is back to officially open the new Assembly building, Leanne is going to be in Cardiff.

According to the Guardian's Backbencher column she and her friends will be gathering at 10am to 'protest "Mrs Windsor's" official opening of the Welsh Assembly'. This is confirmed by her own website on which she states:

We may not be able to stop Mrs Windsor opening Wales’ new symbol of openness and transparency, but we can make it clear we are not happy. Campaigners calling for real openness and accountability and for the Assembly to be given the powers to address Wales’ problems will be demonstrating outside the new Assembly building on the morning of March 1st. For more information contact cardiffsocialforum@yahoo.co.uk.

Now that should be worth watching.
Mrs Mountbatten, surely...
We have already done this here
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