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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Final word

This is my last word on the naming of the new Assembly building. I think that we really need to move on now and discuss real issues. Such as perhaps that the chamber computers are still incapable of accessing the internet and that there is a two minute time lag between the division bell being rung in the Senedd and it ringing in AMs offices.

I have now had a copy of the e-mail that the Presiding Officer sent to all members of the House Committee on 22 June 2004. These include the then Labour Business Minister, Karen Sinclair, Labour AMs Janice Gregory and Lorraine Barrett and Tory AM William Graham. Attached to the e-mail is a document outlining the proposed names including Senedd, Neuadd, Oriel and Siambr. The e-mail says:

"Following the usage of 'Neuadd' for Milling Area in our present building it was suggested that I apply my literary brain (or what is left of it) to suggest Welsh-language names with some cultural and historical resonance (but fairly pronouncable for English-language speakers) to describe some of the larger spaces in the new building. I will be happy to expand on meanings in House Committee!"

At the subsequent House Committee it was agreed that Party groups would be consulted on these issues before a decision was taken. So, if members are unhappy with the name then they only have themselves to blame.
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