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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Anoraks unlimited

Tuesday's Plenary session was worth noting for a number of reasons. Firstly, the chamber was no longer freezing cold, in fact it was too hot. Secondly, members had started to find their form again after the initial shock of taking occupation of new surroundings. Thirdly, the PO was ill, thus scuppering any attempt by the opposition to win votes, as John Marek had to chair for the whole time.

The session had the feel of one of those reality shows, the ones that do not feature George Galloway. In fact we even had an offer from the First Minister to an opposition AM to help him change careers:

Alun Cairns: A number of schools are looking forward to the announcement that the Minister for Economic Development and Transport will be making shortly. Will you join me in seeking to raise the profile of lollipop men and women? Hardly a week passes in which a school or a parent is not in contact with my office seeking support to recruit a lollipop man or woman for the school. It may be an issue of salary levels, status, or a whole range of other factors, but these people offer an important, valuable service and deserve every form of credit, support and assistance that we can give them.

The First Minister: It says in my brief that we are aware that Penyrheol primary school has written to Alun Cairns seeking assistance in filling a school-crossing control vacancy. I was not sure what that meant as regards Alun Cairns’s political future.

Clearly, it is up to the voters of South Wales West to determine whether Alun Cairns needs to become a lollipop man in order to make ends meet. No doubt they will pass judgement on this in May 2007. However, the likelihood is that if Alun ceases to be a full-time politician he will go back into banking. After all isn't there a minimum height requirement to be a lollipop man?

Still lifestyle choices were the theme of the day as Health Minister, Brian Gibbons, discovered:

The Minister for Health and Social Services (Brian Gibbons): It is nice to be solicited to a ménage à trois with the Liberal Democrats and the Tories—perish the thought.

Jonathan Morgan: That is four.

Brian Gibbons: A ménage à quatre—merci bien

The biggest change however was suggested to my group by the leader of Plaid Cymru. He was a bit upset that we had tabled amendments to his motion and seemed to think that we should keep our nose out in future. He has another think coming:

Finally, I say kindly to the Liberal Democrats that they may have wanted to help us with our motion, but we do not need any help, thank you.

Mick Bates rose—

Ieuan Wyn Jones: No, I will not give way. You have had your go, Mick.

Let me just make one plea to the Liberal Democrats. If you have something interesting to say in your amendments, then say it, but, for goodness’ sake, when there are seven amendments to our motion, is it not time that you removed some of your anoraks? [Applause.]

Personally, I am not giving up my anorak for anybody.
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