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Monday, January 02, 2006

Who is leading who?

Judging by David Cameron's latest about-turn he has forgotten which party it is that he is leading. It is almost as if he really wants to be leading New Labour. Certainly, the tone he is now adopting would not be out-of-place in No.10:

Mr Cameron announced over the weekend in an advertisement that he wanted to “improve [the NHS] for everyone, not help a few to opt out”. He has told colleagues that he wants the party to focus on raising standards through competition and choice.

This comes as the Tory leader warned members of his party not to appear too dogmatic. “For politicians to stick rigidly to an ideology is to court disaster. Nothing can be set in stone.”

He also risked further angering the Right by criticising Baroness Thatcher’s approach to reform of the public services, suggesting they had not been sufficiently flexible.

“At the next election, a whole generation of people will be voting who were born after Mrs Thatcher left office. So when it comes to tackling the big challenges our society faces, I won’t be the prisoner of an ideological past.” He added that he did not believe in the politics of Right and Left but “the politics of right and wrong”.

He will be attacking big business next, or have I missed that one?
Nope. He's attacking big business as well now.

I wonder how long his party will put up with it. They certainly bought themselves a pup by their own lights.
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