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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What's next?

Going through the mail this morning I found an invitation to an event at the St. David's Hotel in Cardiff from Hugh James Exchange entitled "The Quangos are going: what next?". The event is to be addressed by Economic Development Minister, Andrew Davies and the registration fee is £20.

The sales pitch tells us to "forget the long speeches...this event promises to be interactive in every sense of the word. The format is a brief thought provoking presentation from key note speaker, Andrew Davies, followed by a question and answer session encouraging guests to stimulate debate and put questions to the panel."

It is nice to know that our Ministers carry enough prestige to enable companies to charge to hear them speak. If Andrew was also able provide a brief thought provoking presentation in Plenary (where people can watch him free of charge by the way from the comfort of their own home) then that might be worth paying £20 for.
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