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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Welcome to the Siambr

So, we are here at last. I am presently in the rehearsal in the new Assembly chamber and everything seems to be in full working order. If all goes to plan then we will be holding our first official meeting here next Tuesday. The only problem is that the new building is like a rabbit warren and it is entirely possible that some members may get lost on the way here.
I see everything twice!

Yossarian (Catch-22)

Hope the Siambr does not encourage everyone to make the same speeches twice (or is it too late for that...)
i thought that the presiding officer said that you were not allowed to use your blueberry blackberry what ever they are called computers to surf the internet in the chamber.
additionally whats Siambr?
The new chamber has full internet access. Siambr is the official name for the Chamber and is a direct translation of that word.
The majority language of Wales in English. Why is 'Siambr' the official name for the chamber?

No, it's ok, I can guess.

BTW - do you mean it's a direct translation or do you mean it's a transliteration?
"The majority language of Wales in english"

so what is your first language David?
My first language is English - which is the case for the majority of Welsh people born and brought up in Wales.
Of course, that was a typo - I should have written, 'the majority language of Wales is English.
Yes but it was to funny not to ignore your typo David....its a sad fact that people no longer have the choice not to speak english. Its perfectly possible to be a Welsh person and not speak welsh. Its impossible to be a welsh person and not speak english...
Sort of makes my point. Everyone speaks English, not everyone speaks Welsh, and English is the first language for the majority.

So why 'Siambr'?
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