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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Hunt the MP

The Guardian this morning illustrates perfectly my point about George Galloway having a job to do. Their journalist poses as a constituent in need and tries to get help from his MP. Alas, all his attempts to secure assistance fails. Meanwhile, Channel 4 makes it clear that George will not be able to use his incarceration to make any political point.

All of this leaves us asking the question: "What is the point of George Galloway?". If he did not exist would it be necessary to re-invent him? The answer to both questions are negatives. Still, he will get the personal publicity he seeks, so it is not a completely wasted exercise for him.
If you lot did not talk about him so much, he would not get half the publicity! But I'm happy you do talk about him as he has valid points that most MP's don't seem to want to talk about.
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