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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Big bother

Oh, my goodness. I have just got home to discover that George Galloway is on Celebrity Big Brother. Has he not got a job to go to. It really does defy parody.
At least it stops him from grovelling in front of Saddam I suppose.

Not that he has a brilliant record in the house, so he is not going to be missed thats for sure - least of all by Mr Blair.
You had a job to do when you were blogging from the Chamber.

Anyway, you could argue that he's doing more to take politics to the people than any other politician.

And h may well win money for charity
I was doing my job in the chamber - communicating with my electors whilst listening to the debate. I am capable of multi-tasking as are other AMs who often take correspondence in to the chamber with them. George Galloway will, however, not only not be in Parliament but he will not be available to his constituents either.
George Galloway is reaching people the only way he can for the benefit of his party and his views.

Our democracy is the real parody.
I look forward to hearing the party political broadcast on the next screening of Big Brother. Are you sure he is not just promoting himself?
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