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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Accusing at birth

South Wales West Conservative AM, Alun Cairns, likes to think of himself as an effective scrutineer of government ministers. It is certainly true that he can always be relied on to find a negative slant to any issue in an attempt to put a minister on the spot. Yesterday he tried it again over Welsh GVA. The First Minister however, had his measure:

Do not fail to tell the rest of the world that Welsh GVA is almost certainly now in excess of £40 billion. I doubt whether you will want to do that, Alun—when you emerged from your mother’s womb you probably had your arm pointing out to accuse the midwife of having failed in some respect, because that is how you are built and that is your temperament. The fact is that the figure is now over £40 billion compared with £28 billion when the Conservatives were last in charge.

It made us feel sorry for the midwife.
Gross Value Added, it has replaced GDP as a measure of economic success.
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