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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Wigley is back

The Western Mail's Dafydd Wigley fan club strikes again this morning with the news that the great man is on Plaid's approved candidate list and raring to get back into the Assembly. They report that he is being lined up to succeed Owen John Thomas as the number two on the South Wales Central list. This will obviously be a blow to Simon Thomas, who it was previously reported was seeking to re-enter mainstream politics after he threw away the Ceredigion Parliamentary seat by precisely this route.

According to the paper's correspondents Dafydd Wigley will be able to inject a bit of passion back into his party's performance. Ieuan Wyn Jones has better watch his back.
For the last year or so all of our opponents have been saying "oh well you should have Wigley back if you want to get anywhere"....so we have listended to our opponents and kindly given them what they asked for....:)

Its good news for Plaid....combined with us recruiting a record number of students in September/October and reports of much higher turnouts at branch meetings ( in my own area attendence has more than doubled in the last two months) rumours of our demise have been exagerated....
As long as rumours of your demise have not been "greatly exagerated" then I shall rest easy.
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