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Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Times - an apology

OK, I take back what I said about The Times just targeting the Liberal Democrats. They have other victims in their sights as well.

Today we have an article questioning whether the Deputy Prime Minister is paying any Council Tax on his three homes, plus news of a row between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown over the European Union budget deal. It has emerged that the chancellor was not given a say over the prime minister’s last-minute climbdown in which he handed £1 billion over to the European Union. There are also splits between John Prescott and the Prime Minister over the Education White Paper:

"Amid further signs that Blair is losing his grip on his cabinet, John Prescott, the deputy prime minister, has confirmed his opposition to the prime minister’s schools reforms and it emerged that he is leading a separate revolt over public sector pensions. Last Thursday’s cabinet meeting was said to have been the "rowdiest" ever as Prescott and Brown’s allies joined forces to oppose plans to give judges special cash "awards" on retirement."

I am pleased to see that it is not just Liberal Democrats MPs who are briefing furiously against each other in the media! Perhaps the paper will turn on the Tories next.
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