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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Tabloid tittle-tattle

I am resisting commenting on the Wales on Sunday's report that Charlotte Church's family has been rocked by a lurid sex story or even that a racism tsar has been hired to teach Welsh kids how to be nice to the English (actually the headline writer appears to have made that up). I am sorely tempted to refer to yesterday's story that Royal Mail delivery offices across Wales are expecting the biggest postbag of the festive season on Monday, but only because I have already written and posted all my Christmas cards. Instead I am going to resort to triviality and write about the latest Tory own-goal in Wales.

The paper set a test for the new Tory Shadow Secretary of State for Wales, Cheryl Gillan - the Cardiff-born MP for Chesham and Amersham in leafly Buckinghamshire, 120 miles from the Severn Bridge. Unfortunately, Cheryl did not know how many AMs are in the National Assembly, had never heard of S4C soap, Pobol y Cwm and was unaware that Cardiff firm Brains make beer. Shockingly, she did not know either who the Wales rugby coach is. It is Mike Ruddock. Come back Bill Wiggin, all is forgiven.
The Tories clearly have a mountain to climb in Wales.....there was a by-election in the Eglwysbach ward of Conwy County Council on Thursday .....a prosperous village which should be a good Tory prospect if they are doing well....well they did come second....however Plaid won the seat with 81% of the vote...Labour were third...the seat was previously held by an independent...if the Tories cannot make headway in this sort of area ...in the week of Cameron being elected they have a problem.....the ward is in the new aberconwy seat....now we are really looking forward to the assembly election!!!
oops...in fact it was the Lib dems who came third in the by-election with 8% of the vote......
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