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Monday, December 05, 2005


I was rather amused by the caption to the photograph that was associated with this article in the South Wales Evening Post tonight. It read "Wayne Price checks to see if there is any sign of the giant spider that has invaded his home in Brynlluan, Gorslas. The spider is thought to be an arachnid..."!!!
It's apparently fluffy and grey - so it could be Rhodri Morgan.
if your amused by the comment your quoting, im confused about this exert:

"Now I have got humane traps down with live locusts in them as bait to try to lure it out."

not very humane for the locusts is it!
Rather scarily, I once knew somebody who kpet Tarantulas as pets. He fed them live locusts, which were delivered by mail order. He also had cats and sometimes the locusts escaped, at which point they were used as playthings by the cats. Apparently, the locusts crunch if you step on them! :-(
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