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Friday, December 30, 2005

Snow joke

One of the joys of devolution is that we can blame England for most things and in particular for not having a white Christmas, or so the Western Mail would have us believe. Apparently, our neighbours have kept all the snow to themselves and have failed to let us have our Barnett share.

A seasonal trend that is starting to get out of hand in my opinion is that of taking a dip in the sea at Christmas. Porthcawl have been doing it for years in the aid of charity, as have other towns, but it has now caught on in a big way and this activity is spreading around the coast of Wales and England.

It was inevitable therefore that one of the stories on the last day of the year is of two people being treated for hypothermia after a charity Boxing Day swim. A 24 year old man and 14 year old boy collapsed on North Beach in Tenby after joining 600 others in the sea. It appears that they are both OK but their plight does raise the question of whether there are easier ways of raising money for charity?

I am spending the New Year weekend in the delightful town of Laugharne in Carmarthenshire, just a few hundred yards away from Dylan Thomas' boathouse. Blogging therefore will be light to non-existent until I get back. Have a happy and prosperous New Year.
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