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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Sainsburys draw a veil over JS:TO

It seems that my e-mail correspondence with Sainsburys over their decision to ban Jerry Springer:The Opera has been brought to a premature close. I responded to their first answer by seeking to probe their assertion that the ban was a commercial decision:

Thanks for your e-mail. You argue that the withdrawal of this DVD was a commercial decision and yet you admit withdrawing it prematurely as a result of complaints. You cannot have it both ways. Would you be able to supply me with some comparative figures for the sale of other DVDs in the same period so as to enable me to make a judgement as to whether the figures you supply for Jerry Springer: The Opera are really as bad as you say? Thanks

In response I got this:

Dear Mr Black,

Thank you for writing to us again. I am sorry you remain unhappy that we are no longer stocking Jerry Springer - The Opera and that you were not satisfied with our previous response.

Please be assured that we have read your e-mails and have taken all the points you raise into consideration. However, we now feel it is inappropriate to reply to any further detailed questions about our decision to withdraw this product. We will continue to work hard to provide our customers with a range of products we believe they would like to buy.

Thank you once again for letting us know what you think.

Kind regards,

Deborah Hubbard
Sainsbury's Customer Services

Quite how they are proposing to provide customers with a range of products that they believe we would like to buy when they only listen to one particular group is difficult to say. Either way they do not wish to be scrutinised and it seems that they cannot back up their previous assertions with any evidence. This leaves me with just one choice - boycott them and do my shopping at a store that really does act in a commercial way and does not seek to treat its customers like children. I would urge everybody else to do the same.
I think most people now are getting a stock responce - I did from Woolworths, and am waiting for an answer to my reply to that. Good luck.
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