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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Kirsty for Leader!

As we seem to be in the middle of a Liberal Democrats leadership crisis at a UK level, I thought I would stir things up a bit here in Wales as well. Just kidding. Honestly!

Kirsty Williams will kill me for posting this photograph here.
I'm very disappointed Peter. I've just £100 on you being the next leader of the Welsh Lib Dems.
Did u beth on the labour vs plaid Cymru football match as well David?
We all know that if it does come to a UK leadership contest Peter is a Simon Hughes man (after all he backed Simon against Lembit for the Lib Dem Presidency). What are the policy divisions between Kirsty and Mike though? Would Kirsty rule out re-entering a coalition with Labour in the 2007-11 Assembly under any circumstances? What about the other parties?
I am sorry to disappoint Welsh spin but there is no contest for either the Welsh Assembly Group leadership or that of the Federal Party.I am not promoting one either. Rather I am having a bit of fun over the current publicity.

If you want to know Kirsty's view on coalition you need to ask her or read her utterances in the chamber. Equally you should not make assumptions about who I will support in any future leadership contest. Things have moved on since the last internal party election and I may well make different decisions next time.
Nice try Mr Black, but anyone can see that this is a younger lookalike. Has Ms Williams got a sister about 10 years younger? This is obviously the sister.
I can assure you that this is Kirsty. I am sure she will be flattered that you believe she looks 10 years younger than her 34 years.
uh... an interesting interpretation of my comment, Mr B. I was sort of suggesting that the pic of Ms Williams, was of a younger woman than the actual AM that I saw in my very own town of Brecon recently. Or does the 'young' Ms Williams have an older sister (about 40?) who doubles up for her on constituency business?
Sorry, this is too obscure for me! The picture was taken of Kirsty within the last six months that is the fact. I am not sure who you are encountering in Brecon who looks 40.
Didn't I notice a chastising comment, apparently posted by Ms Williams herself, on this thread yesterday? What has become of it?
I took it off at Kirsty's request as she did not post it. It was put there by somebody masquarading as her.

I'd have thought a self deprecating sense of humour was a pretty essential feature for a successful political leader.

Especially for the Liberal Democrats !!!
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