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Monday, December 12, 2005

in transit

There is so much to write about today and no time to do it in. I will just have to catch up tomorrow.

Although this is recess I spent this morning in a meeting in Swansea discussing homelessness and the Assembly Government's legislation restricting the use of bed and breakfast. Then it was onto a train to London for some individual meetings with MPs about education policy and the Government's white paper on choice, which will largely apply to England but has ramifications for Wales nevertheless.

My arrival in London coincided with newspaper headlines about a poison gas cloud descending on the capital tonight, following the explosion at the Buncefield oil depot yesterday. As I sit on the train back to Wales the cloud has still not descended but I do not envy Londoners who face that prospect.There are clearly lessons to be learnt here not least with regards to the oil terminals and proposed LNG plant In Pembrokeshire.
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