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Thursday, December 29, 2005

The fox

Lord Roberts of Conwy writing about Margaret Thatcher on the day that Harold Wilson resigned as Prime Minister:

"She was feminine, very feline - and her eyes became as sharp as a vixen's as we discussed the future."

Let's face it the old school Tories didn't have a chance. Ironically, it was the old school who put her in the position to oust Ted Heath in the first place. As is made clear in cabinet papers released this week, back in 1973, when Heath was considering reshuffling his cabinet, he was being advised to promote her ahead of Michael Heseltine, who was considered too clever for his own good. Tory Chief Whip, Francis Pym, wrote of Tarzan:

"Not everyone's favourite, partly because he is so good. Very much the professional. Becoming apprehensive that events may soon ruffle his hair. Best left alone."

It is a strange world where ability can actually count against a politician, or was it just the hair?
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