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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Bill Wiggin bids goodbye to Wales

The Tory Shadow Secretary of State for Wales, Bill Wiggin, has jumped ship before he is pushed. He announced today that he was standing down from this post, presumably to allow David Cameron to install a more sympathetic alternative.

In his press release Bill takes all the credit for the Tory revival in Wales:

"I found the Conservative party in Wales in need of support and commitment, which I was delighted to give, and I am grateful to the excellent team of volunteers who worked with me.

I leave this job, and the Conservative party in Wales, in a far better state than when I found it. With the party in fighting form ready to win seats at the next assembly elections this can only bode well for Wales. With the organisation and infrastructure honed by dedicated and expert team of professionals, we have a great many Labour seats in our sights.

"There are many happy moments which I look back on ranging from singing the national anthem with the whole audience lip reading.

"To the debates on television with other party leaders. Despite their own roots in South Africa and Northern Ireland, there was never an opportunity missed to point out that my constituency was the other side of the border."

As ever, Bill's statement has left the Tory Party offices here in the Assembly scratching their heads in bewilderment. The contribution of the Tory AMs to this remarkable turnaround has not even been acknowledged. It is a shame Bill is going really.
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