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Friday, December 02, 2005

Aberystwyth or bust

The Western Mail reports this morning on the results of a motoring intelligence test carried out by eBay Motors in conjunction with Mensa. They conclude:

ASTON MARTIN drivers in Aberystwyth are likely to have the worst understanding of motoring of anyone in Wales, a study has shown.

In fact, it may be for the best that the number of people who drive James Bond's car of choice in the coastal town is likely to be somewhat limited.

Well yes! I do not drive that often in Aberystwyth but I am guessing that Aston Martins are not the main vehicle of choice in the town.

Update: Do the test for yourself -

A selection of questions from eBay Motors' motoring intelligence test:

1. For every litre of petrol burnt in a car engine, on average what amount of water is blown out of the exhaust pipe?

a. One litre
b. One centilitre
c. One millilitre

2. Modern halogen high-pressure gas-discharge headlights have a bulb which is filled with gas. What gas do they use?

a. Xenon
b. Neon
c. Halon

3. What is the oldest British car manufacturer still making cars today

a. Aston Martin
b. Caterham
c. AC

4. What is the nearest you may park to a junction?

a. 10 metres (32 feet)
b. 12 metres (39 feet)
c. 15 metres (49 feet)
d. 20 metres (66 feet)

Answers are on the comments.


1: a ; 2: a; 3: c; 4: a
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