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Friday, October 28, 2005

Unlikely duo

Having got back from a short break to find over 300 e-mails waiting for me I have been slowly working my way through them for most of the day. There is the usual host of press releases, circulars from lobby and special interest groups, casework and quite a few invitations. One of these invitations caused me to look twice in case I had misread it.

It seems that the South Wales East Conservative Assembly Member, William Graham, is hosting a media briefing with Lemmy from Motorhead on Thursday 3 November at 12 noon. At this briefing Lemmy will be putting across the message that "heroin kills people".

This is all very commendable and I hope that it has the desired impact. It is just that I had not envisaged William Graham to be a Motorhead fan or even to mix in the same circles. It goes to show, even the wildest rockers are becoming respectable these days. I just hope that they don't start the media briefing off by playing the Motorhead hit, "Poison". It might water down the message somewhat.

Update: This media briefing is now taking place at 3pm on the same day in Committee Room 5 in the Assembly. Could it be possible that 12 noon was just a little bit early in the day for a rock star?
Wasn't The Boys Are Back In Town by Thin Lizzy?
Yes you are absolutely right. I meant to refer to the song "poison" but somehow Phil Lynott took over. I have now corrected the entry.
I wondered about that as well.

But then found that Motorhead covered The Boys Are Back In Town on some compilation that was a tribute to them (Motorhead that is)

I figured Peter had found some subliminal message in the lyrics, perhaps by playing a CD backwards.
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