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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Terrorist or not!

Yesterday's Times reported that a 34-year-old property developer has joined the ranks of Britain’s most unlikely terrorist suspects after being held for hours for trespassing on a cycle path.

'Ms Cameron was being hailed yesterday as Scotland’s answer to Walter Wolfgang, the 82-year-old heckler manhandled out of the Labour Party conference last month. She was arrested under the Terrorism Act for walking along a cycle path in the harbour area of Dundee.'

I must admit that I was mildly surprised that Ms Cameron was not served with an ASBO but assumed that as it was Scotland there were slightly different rules in place on these orders. Perhaps ASBOs and the Anti-Terrorism Act will become interchangeable in future. In fact maybe the Anti-Terrorism Act is now the standard piece of legislation to be used whenever the authorities don't like the look of you.
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