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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Picking blackberries

As the Western Mail reports this morning, all AMs are to be given the use of a blackberry to aid their work. The downside for many members is that they might have to start reading their own e-mails. I have always done this and responded in person as well. Just as I operate a clear desk policy I very rarely have more than a handful of e-mails in my in-box at any one time. How a blackberry will help me improve on that I do not know, though at least I will be able to blog remotely.

When I do get my blackberry I will aim to be the first AM to blog from the chamber. Should be am experience for me anyway!
Does that mean there will be a race between you and Leighton Andrews? Maybe we ought to establish some ground rules... :o)
You should be able to blog remotely with any decent handset anyway.
Most come with a basic POP/IMAP mail client, and using the Mail-to-Blogger Address feature of blogger.
I am pushing at the boundaries of my knowledge as it is Ryan. Please dont send me over the edge :-)
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