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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Monmouthshire blues

The Western Mail this morning, like many other papers, has lots on the Tory leadership contest. However, there is also an item on another interesting contest within the Conservative party - the battle to succeed David "the gypsy king" Davies as AM for Monmouthshire.

Rather strangely, since David decided to run for Parliament, one AM in particular has increased her references to Monmouthshire in the chamber and seems to be spending a disproportionate amount of her time there. However, according to the Western Mail Laura Anne Jones faces stiff competition for the Tory nomination, and not just from the other candidates.

The paper alleges that Tory Assembly Group Leader, Nick Bourne, is favouring researcher and Monmouthshire Councillor, Nick Ramsey, for the job. Another person in the running is local Councillor, Peter Fox. Apparently, this contest is also turning into a battle for the soul of the Conservative Party, or at least its Welsh branch. The Western Mail says that whereas Nick Bourne wants the party to become more Welsh and to push for the National Assembly to have more powers, the wing of the Welsh Tory party represented by the gypsy king, takes the contrary view.

Nobody is saying who David Davies is backing in this contest but it seems that an anonymous letter has been received by the Tory leader, signed by a "Monmouth member" which criticises Laura Anne Jones for cancelling appointments. The author believes that David is pushing her as his favoured successor. This can only get better.
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