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Friday, October 07, 2005

Labour are gerrymandering says watchdog

Government watchdog, the Electoral Commission, has raised some fundamental questions about Labour's plans to exclude candidates from fighting both a constituency and the list at the next Assembly elections. They say:

"At present some high-profile candidates stand for election in constituencies with the fall-back of election through the regional list. A party may be unlikely, under this proposal, to risk a high quality candidate to challenge in a constituency election; opposition parties may be obliged to run their major players in regional lists to ensure election. This may impact adversely on the quality of some constituency contests, where opposition candidates may be perceived to be 'second string'. This in turn is likely to favour sitting candidates. There is a perception that the change proposed favours incumbency and the current party of Assembly Government that holds the large majority of constituency seats."

"...we would caution against any change that is perceived to be partisan and could add to the prevailing distrust of politicians."

Peter Hain remains determined to press on with the change nevertheless.
out of interest did you stand for a constituency and then move to a region or did you soley go for a region?
In 1999 and 2003 I stood for both Swansea East and the regional list.
and in 2007 you will stand in....??
Come on Peter. You can't keep it a secret forever. We won't tell anyone.
Until the Bill is published and the proposals are confirmed there is no point in making any decision.
Aren't you at risk of losing your seat on the list if on of your collegues wins Swansea West?
That depends on where I stand of course. On the General Election result the Liberal Democrats would win two seats in South Wales West.
Yes, but they didn't win Swansea West at the General Election...
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