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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Government spin

It is true of course that when you are in Government you need to sell your policies. It is also true that sometimes loyal backbenchers can get a bit carried away in performing this task. Thus it was yesterday, when the Labour AM for Caerphilly, Jeff Cuthbert, decided to try and convince us that students graduating with a debt of between £12,000 to £20,000 was actually a good thing:

The report by the Deputy Minister for social justice has already highlighted the fear of debt in deprived communities, so there is a job of work to do to ensure that these students see loans not as a debt, but as an investment in their future. Students must be fully informed of the benefits that higher education can bring and not be scared away by the fear of debt. Communities First partnerships could help a great deal in spreading the word among low-participation groups.

I am not sure that the National Union of Students or their members will view this "investment" in quite the same way.
if its such an investment why doesnt the government invest in our future? the majority of which will go on to benefit the country as a whole.

or on the flip side, why dont they make tuition fees retrospective, those who benefited from the degrees should be forced to reimburse the government for fronting their investment in themselves.

government may look at education as investment in the individual and therefore the individuals own responcibility but i consider that a well educated population is best for the productivity of the country - which blair seems to agree to want 50% of young to go to university.

why doesn't he foot the bill - the conservatives did! where's this much fabled social justice in this policy.

social justice is just some arguement that can be switched on or off in political manovering, labour have no principles anymore.

and end rant!
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