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Friday, October 14, 2005

Blog Cymru

I have added an icon in the right hand column of this blog for BlogCymru, a blog aggregator set up by Aran Jones to collect English language blogs about Wales. He also runs blogiadur.com, which aggregates Welsh-language blogs. Lots of interesting blogs on there though mine does not appear to feature as yet.
You're coming through loud and clear to me...:-) When did you last check BlogCymru? I see at least two posts from you at the top of 'Politician Watch' (which used to be They Work for You, but I thought Politician Watch might get you all a slightly better click-through rate!)

All the best,

im listed im listed!!!

damn does that mean i have to post regularly now ive got essays to do!
sorry peter i dont mean to rub salt in the wound, but untill you said about blog cymru i didnt know i was linked .... its a bit off that they didnt even tell me.
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