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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bird Flu

Now if a politican had written this letter from yesterday's Guardian then he or she would have been quite rightly villified for failing to take the threat of bird flu seriously:

"Are we absolutely certain the parrot is dead? Maybe it's just resting. It could also be pining for the fjords. (I know, I know - couldn't resist.)

Mike Bitwistle

Maybe we have some work to do to ensure that the full seriousness of this threat is appreciated by one and all.
Quite right.

Unless this is taken seriously it will sweep through the population just like ebola virus did 10 years ago.

Hang on...
Och, c'mon, Mr Black...

Where's your sense of humour, you sound sick as a parrot...

its funny i was reading the scotsman the other day - some one gave me a like to a story -

it said that the first recorded case of the deadly bird flu was in scotland in 1965.

forgive me for not panicking about this current scare.

as im sure the french president would say - its just another thing we've contributed to quisine.
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