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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

All publicity is good publicity

The shadow Jessica Morden blog complains that the Newport East MP "appears to be as rare as a badger around Ron Davies." Clearly the author of this piece has not seen this morning's Western Mail where Jessica is listed as number 31 in the paper's list of Wales' sexiest women for 2005.

Nobody I have spoken to is quite sure why the Western Mail continues with this feature, what its point is, who chooses the top 50 or what criteria they apply. Nevertheless, all publicity is good publicity it seems as far as the lucky 50 are concerned.
Going completely off topic here Peter, you will see that Southend United and Swansea City look like they are going to be slogging it out to win the League 1 title this season.

Southend have just broken their previous record of seven consecutive victories, set in the 1920s in Divusion 3 South. This incidentally included a win over Aberdare Athletic ! (who apparently only lasted 7 seasons there) Is Aberdare in your patch, and if so, is the club still going?
cant help but wonder if there is some relationship between you.
Aberdare is not in my region Chris. I dont know if Aberdare Athletic is still going. I have not encountered them.
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