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Friday, September 02, 2005

Watch out for those knives

The Western Mail reports this morning, with rather a bit too much glee I thought, that the knives are out for Tory AM, Glyn Davies. Glyn takes himself very seriously as is evident from his comment:

"I would be very surprised and disappointed if anything like this was happening. I believe in the party I am a popular AM and don't believe there are any grounds for deselecting me."

To be fair he has made some thoughtful and interesting contributions in the Assembly, although his refusal on occasion to be easily whipped on votes has led to some 'misunderstandings' on the Tory benches (I sit just behind him). His main contribution to these columns has come about from his championing the 'nutrititional value' of McDonalds' meals. This is a man who enjoys his beef.

Glyn sees himself as a potential Welsh Tory Leader and that obviously unsettles Nick Bourne. It is therefore interesting to see the firm defence of his position coming from the Tory Assembly Group:

"These allegations are ridiculous and completely without foundation. Glyn Davies is a hard-working, highly-effective and valued member of the Welsh Conservative group in the National Assembly.

"We look forward to him continuing to play a key role as a member of the Assembly group after the 2007 elections."

Perhaps the spokesperson was trying a little too hard.
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