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Friday, September 16, 2005

Promoting bloggers

Jonathan Calder has used the pre-Conference edition of Liberal Democrats News to promote the world of Liberal Democrats blogging. There are now so many of my fellow party members using the internet in this way that it is impossible to put all of them on my links. Every time I visit the libdem blogs aggregated site I find a new blogger has appeared. Yesterday I discovered Simon Mollan's new blog. Another excellent collaboration is the Apollo Project, whilst Stephen Glenn is giving us a blow-by-blow account from the front line with his posts on the Livingston by-election.

Blogging is a useful means of communicating our ideas and policies to the outside world. They can enable a two-way communication process between elected representatives and their constituents and they can provide a forum for people like me to comment on current events and draw people's attention to issues that I believe are important. The new sites that are growing up have added to that list. Some of them are now providing a forum for philosophical discussion and the dissemination of new ideas. The political pamphlet of old has been replaced by blogs.
I notice that you have a translating service on your sidebar, but not to Welsh?!?

This one will help translate the words into Welsh, but will not really help sentence wise. Why not place a link to this on your sidebar?
I believe my chum Humphrey is working as an intern in the assembly. He mentioned you, and said how pleasant you were. He doesn't blog yet, but I'm trying to get him to start.
Good to see badly dubbed boy is back
Thanks for noticing my blog Peter -and for syndicating me!
Thanks for the link to a Welsh translator, Nicholas. I will have a look at it when I am back home on a broadband connection later next week.
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