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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Post punk

Yesterday Tony Blair mounted the Conference platform to the sound of Sham 69's "If the kids are united". No doubt this seemed like a good idea at the time but does the party which seeks to position itself on the side of the common man against yobbery and binge drinking fully understand the nature of the beast it has embraced?

This 1970s band had a dedicated skinhead following and produced such gems as "Borstal breakout". The lyrics of the song "Evil Way" celebrated the sort of lifestyle that New Labour tells us they want to end:

Been in the pub since half past five
All day long I've laughed and cried
I'm like you I need a drink or two
Mum's down the bingo it's Friday night
Dad's down the dogtrack
I hope he has a fight
I'm alright I know what I want tonight

I'm gonna get my end away
I'm gonna get my end away
I'm gonna get my evil way

I don't know what I'm doing
But I don't care
I'd better go to the loo
I'm just about to ...bleugh
But I'm like you I need a drink or two
I wanna girl but there's nothing in here
Just old men and pints of beer
But I'll be alright if I get what I want tonight

Just to round off this trip down memory lane I leave you with the masterpiece called "Sunday morning nightmare". Is this how the Labour Conference is destined to end?

I've been drinking too many pints of lager
I've been getting into to many bleedin' fights
I came home with sick all down me trousers
I've got lovebites all around me neck

With so much choice I cannot understand how it is they chose the song that they did.
David Taylor is free to comment on my analysis of recent developments in Nat Bashing.
The choice of Sham 69 was inspired and courageous...fancy Tony endorsing anything with Sham in the title....

Who can forget such tunes "Hurry up 'arry we're going dahn the pub" still at least Jimmy Pursey should pick up some much needed royalties...
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