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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Pigeons, meet cat!

The Western Mail has well and truly put a cat amongst the pigeons gathering for the Plaid Cymru annual conference in Aberystwyth today. The supposed challenge of Dafydd Elis-Thomas for the leadership of his party is all anybody can talk about. Even their Assembly Leader, Ieuan Wyn Jones, is being forced to use his Conference speech to appeal for unity within his own party rather than set out his stall for the elections in 2007.

Ieuan's troubles do not end there however. According to the Western Mail this morning, Ladbrokes have made former Tory AM, Peter Rogers, the favourite to win Ynys Mon off the Plaid leader. This is the one and only development that Ieuan should not lose any sleep over. Ladbroke's track record on these things is not brilliant to say the least.

As if to up the pressure even more, Dafydd Elis-Thomas, has just been on Radio Wales where he 'refused to rule out a challenge for the Plaid Cymru leadership next year'. It must be Christmas!
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