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Monday, September 05, 2005

Buying in Wales

I avoided commenting on this article yesterday as I did not think that I could offer anything new. However, when I stumbled across it again on the Western Mail's website today it occurred to me that the Wales on Sunday had missed a rather important point.

There will always be differing opinions on the cost of appropriately furnishing an iconic building of course, but the one point of principle that the Assembly has sought to be faithful to throughout this and the associated contracts is that the new building will feature the best of Wales. At every stage efforts have been made to source materials in Wales and to use Welsh contractors. How ironic therefore that the Wales on Sunday should be encouraging us to go to a Swedish company for our furniture.
Could you also confirm that they Wales on Sunday also missed another rather important point, that the Hose Committee is responsible for the new Building, and not the Welsh Assembly Government? Or am I wrong?
No, you are wrong. The Assembly Government remains responsible for the new building. They will hand it over to the House Committee when it is finished.
I stand corrected.
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