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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Who is spinning now?

Maybe Guido Fawkes is right that those spinning against the Prime Minister are his nearest and dearest. Now his local Party Chair is speculating publicly about his future as an MP. Meanwhile his sister-in-law is openly defying the ban on protest he instigated around the House of Commons.

Lauren Booth was quoted as saying, "This is all about silencing critics of the war in Iraq and ID cards and denying people the right to free speech. If you heard on television that someone in another country was banned from gathering near a government building to stage a legitimate protest you would probably think thank goodness that kind of thing doesn't happen in this country."

What was that about keeping your enemies close to you?


It's called free speech, Peter.
An alien concept to New Labour if ever I heard one :-)

Are you really suggesting free speech is alien to Labour? Any evidence for this ludicrous claim?

Why not engage your brain before you spout off.
This whole post and the comment was partly ironic, a point I thought I had reinforced by the smiley. Chill out for goodness sake!
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