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Monday, August 01, 2005

Should he stay or should he go

I bought a Stranglers greatest hits CD from the bargain basket in Virgin on Saturday, but judging by today's headlines I should have opted for the Clash.

This morning The Guardian reported that Tony Blair was going to leave us in no doubt as to whether he will be standing down as Prime Minister before the next election, by departing the House of Commons at the same time. Apparently he does not want a big job such as Earth supremo but just wants some time working to promote inter-faith unity. By 1pm it seems that all of that was just baseless speculation. After all God-forbid that anybody might have been spinning against the Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, one former party leader who is threatening to throw his toys out of the pram is Iain Duncan Smith. He has threatened to resign and run as an independent if the two people he regards as responsible for his downfall are allowed to stand as Tory candidates. Here, at least, is one politician who is prepared to stand up for his principles and put his faith in his own natural charisma and popularity for political survival.

Rumours that Robert Kilroy-Silk has resigned as the leader of the one man Sun Tan Party are as yet unconfirmed but do not at this stage appear to be true.
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