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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Made up

Rhodri Morgan must be grinning like a cheshire cat at recent revelations about the exaggerated claims for cosmetics. After all, his spokesperson proudly told the Wales on Sunday that the First Minister does not spend a penny of public money on make-up to prepare him for his recent TV appearances. Indeed, many people would have stopped and paused for thought after reading passages such as this:

Yesterday the French cosmetics giant L'Oreal was forced by the Advertising Standards Authority to withdraw a major ad campaign after making claims for two products, Anti-Wrinkle De-Crease face cream and Perfect Slim anti-cellulite cream, that it couldn't back up scientifically. The TV ads, which starred Claudia Schiffer, claimed that 76% of women had "visibly reduced expression lines" after using Anti-Wrinkle De-Crease, and that 71% of women found that Perfect Slim "visibly reduced the appearance of cellulite". The ASA found there wasn't enough evidence to support either claim, and the ads will now have to be amended. In May, similarly, advertisements by Estée Lauder were also found to be misleading.

But has anybody told Tony Blair?
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