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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Lost in the English Channel

As valid as the argument is, why do I get the impression that this story could have been published by the Western Mail at any time in the last three months? Is this a sustained campaign for more powers for the Welsh Assembly or is it a means of filling up space during a slack period?

Still, Alderney must be a nice place to be at this time of year.
It will continue to be the only part of the British Isles unable to pass its own laws without seeking permission from the UK Government. The Republic of Ireland is wholly independent, the Scottish Parliament and Northern Ireland Assembly - when it is sitting - can both make their own laws in devolved areas, while the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands enjoy autonomy. Only our National Assembly remains wholly subservient to the UK Parliament when it comes to lawmaking.

Don't get me wrong - I'm all for further Welsh devolution, but one thing that gets my goat is whingeing about how few rights you have when, compared to the average English person, the Welsh do pretty darn well thank you very much. The 'poor us' approach just leads to apathy.

Also, it would be nice if the Welsh got their act together and launched a proper campaign group to campaign for the Richard proposals. Tommorrow's Wales has proven to be a damp squib (even the website appears to have disappeared). Perhaps you should be calling on the Western Mail to do a Independent/Campaign for Democracy style thing?
Your last point James is best answerd by a previous post.
While your (and Kirsty Buchanan's) analysis is quite correct in that post, it doesn't get to the fundamental root of the matter that no-one is organising such an independent organisation. Perhaps no-one in Wales DOES care?
No, there has been an attempt using the offices of the Archbishop of Wales. Not sure what has come of that.
Hence my reference to Tomorrow's Wales (the Bishop's iniative launched at Eisteddfod last year). It did have a website but that has vanished.
We are lost then!
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